Hai Shen Instant Soup

In 2013 I was a part of a team participating in a food innovation competition called Ecotrophelia. My part in the team was to design the look and packaging for our product – Hai Shen instant sea cucumber soup.

Sea cucumbers are an unexploited resource in Iceland but highly popular for consuming in China. The process of making sea cucumbers ready for consumption takes a long time and is difficult for the normal household. We therefor decided upon creating an easy-to-make instant soup to be marketed in China. 

We won the competition in Iceland and in continuation of that went to Cologne later that year where we received the Jury's Special Mention "Coup de Coeur" for the Most Innovative Project. 

For further information visit www.haishensoup.com

Other team members: Berglind Ósk Alfreðsdóttir and Helga Franklínsdóttir

Video: Gabríel Bachmann

Year: 2013