The Layout of History

The Layout of History: Analyzing the Hidden History of Women Through Design

The Layout of History is a research project for my master degree that starts out from my experiences in my bachelor’s studies; my regrets for having reproduced norma­tive history, and the notion, with which my teachers had left me, that designing in a fem­inine way was something bad. It’s about the lack of women in history and how aesthetics categorised as fem­inine are considered of less value in design. It’s about the normative ways of writing history and the normative ways of designing and how one affects the other.

For this research I have gathered 100 examples of Ice­landic history books in the form of scans; 50 Icelandic national history books and 50 Icelandic women’s history books. Through the collected scans I explore the lack of women in history and the different ways of designing for women, through text and design.

296 pages
16 hand-bound copies
Printed on Munken Lynx
Printed by Digaloo Stockholm